Ginsburg & Leshin, LLC

Counselors at Law


Representing Clients

Ginsburg & Leshin's clients look for help in finding peaceable and pragmatic resolutions of disputes related to:

These disputes arise in the context of potential or commenced legal proceedings: divorce, modifications, contempts, or paternity. Our representation runs the gamut from consultations with clients who work with a mediator to four-way meetings designed to negotiate out-of-court settlements to arbitrations, to motion hearings, and pre-trial conferences in the Probate and Family Court.

Collaborative Law

Michael is trained as a collaborative lawyer, and represent clients through the collaborative law process. The Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council website describes this process. At its core, this process uses a series of meetings for the negotiation of a settlement in lieu of litigation.


We serve as mediators for the whole range of family law disputes that arise for married, formerly married, and unmarried couples. The Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation website provides information concerning mediation.

Marital Mediation

Marital mediation is a growing area of family mediation that helps couples explore the option of staying married rather than getting divorced.

This format for mediation has also helped divorced/divorcing couples to successfully remain living together until they are financially able to separate.

Marital mediation uses mediation techniques to open and improve lines of communication, help couples address areas of friction in their relationship, and develop “guidelines” that focus on the behavioral changes each person will make in order to lessen future conflict.


In contrast to mediation, a facilitative process, we also serve as conciliators and provide case evaluations. We meet with the parties and their counsel and formulate settlement options.


We also serve as arbitrators. We will write a decision addressing the issues presented. We work with counsel to design a structure for the arbitration hearing that best suits their clients’ needs.

Parenting Coordination

Through this process, we attempt to facilitate the settling of the parents’ scheduling and caretaking disputes. If no agreement is reached, we can then provide written recommendations.

Consultations/Case Evaluation

Through a consultation, we can provide a client with a second opinion to assist them with evaluating options and strategies. We also provide case evaluations to lawyers to assist them with advising their clients. These consultations provide guidance as to economic issues, as well as for addressing parenting issues and remaining focused on a child’s needs.